We work closely with you to turn your ideas into a detailed design and then into a physical building.

Ffordd Deg Wen

December 2019

This house has undergone extensive renovation with a double storey extension to the South, North-East and garage. The attractive secluded site allows for lots of glazing to connect the building with landscape and spectacular views over Snowdonia. To maximise their enjoyment of the location, the client decided to invert the traditional house layout by placing the majority of bedrooms on the ground floor and the living spaces upstairs.


June 2019

The extension to this house extends the living room to the rear and improves views out towards the Menai Strait and improves light entering into the house. A new timber cladd dormer improves the space and light in the upstairs bedroom. The rear garden slopes steeply away from the house, so we have tiered the decking to create an informal seating area. The hot tub will be sunk into the decking and the timber canopy provides privacy from the adjacent houses.


October 2017

This four bedroom house overlooks stunning views the Menai Strait, with a beach moments away from the end of the drive. We designed a contemporary building, using traditional materials, but to passivhaus standards. Thick insulated walls, high performance glazing and exposed timber frame roof trusses are some of the sustainable methods used on this project.

New Inn

September 2019

We undertook a complete re-design of this 3 bedroom house, along with a new flat roof extension to the West of the house. A slight overhang provides shade and reduces overheating to balance the large glazed bi-fold doors. We opened the kitchen into the dining space to suit the family's modern lifestyle. A snug at the opposite end is a place to retreat to read a book looking out over the garden. Dormers animate the rear facade and the bedrooms open onto the balcony.

Nyth Pren

March 2018

The clients vision was to create a modest, sustainable two bedroom home, which took full advantage of the views over Snowdonia. They were passionate about using passive design principles in order to minimise the energy requirements and were keen to adopt a fabric first approach. This meant providing high levels of insulation and air tightness to reduce heat loss. A minimal, natural material palette has been adopted to ensure the building sits comfortably in the beautiful landscape. 


May 2019

We re-imagined the link between these two existing buildings as well as a major internal refurbishment. A new attractive feature staircase connects the ground and basement levels. Three of the four bedrooms now have ensuites. A glazed balustrade opens up views towards Snowdonia.

Refail Newydd

January 2018

This detached two bedroom house in Pentraeth, overlooks Red Wharf Bay. The building design mixes tradiational and contemporary styles. We paid special attention to framing the best views from within the house. Large glazed windows and decked areas will harness the atmosphere of the surrounding countryside and seascape.


The material palette will be modest and use locally sourced materials such as timber, slate and stone to connect the building with the surrounding landscape. Natural wood fibre insulation will be utilised, reducing the carbon footprint of this building.

Parc Tyddn

January 2018

In this project we designed a two storey extension and garden room, creating open, light and open living environment. A sympathetic material palette will be adopted, consisting of locally sourced materials such as a timber frame and slate roof.  The heating has been carefully considered during design, especially in the living area which benefits from the full-height vaulted ceiling.


November 2018


Often the most sustainable option is to adapt your existing home. There are many retro-fit technologies to improve the thermal performance in your home. This four bedroom house has been completely refurbished internally to suit the clients preferences, turning dark pokey ground floor rooms into one large, light and airy living space.

Paddock House

January 2018

On this site it was impractical to retain the existing house, so we have designed a new four bedroom Eco-House. This allows the client to benefit from the latest sustainable materials and technologies, as well as reorientate the house to harness the best light and views of the Mendip hills.


Locally sourced materials such as stone and clay tiles will sit this new build comfortably into the surrounding landscape.​ Natural materials will be utilised to minimise environmental impact, including modular straw bales to achieve a high performing thermal envelope.

Nyth Clyd

October 2017

The client came to us looking to retain as much of the character from the original barn as possible whilst creating a healthy, sustainable new home. The building is listed, so we minimalised interventions, only adding new openings where absolutely necessary. We've proposed a small, subtle extension to the rear which is barely visible from the garden to create a new bedroom and bathroom. Natural wood fibre insulation allows the old stone walls to continue breathing and balances their moisture content, which creates a healthy internal environment.


October 2017

The client was keen to retain the character of the old farm house, adding an extension to capitalise on views over towards the Welsh coastline.​ ​We worked very closely with both the client and consultants during the design process to ensure every technological system was optimised. The large south facing windows were optimised for solar gain whilst the canopy provided shading to prevent over heating during the summer months. External wall insulation and an air source heat pump were included to further reduce heating and energy demands.





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